söndag, januari 17, 2010


I plan to visit a knitting group in Seoul - SeoulSnb - on Tuesday February 2nd at 7 pm. They meet at Starbucks in Itaewon. I´m so excited. I´ve heard that knitting is really popular in Korea. Because of the language barrier there are not many Korean knitters in the group. I was informed that most of the people in the Seoul stitch n bitch group are "expats" (expatriates = people who live in a country that is not their own) American, Canadian or Australian.

Other plans for my week in Seoul are to visit the Dongdaemun shopping center where I heard that the yarn market is huge. I aslo want to visit the DMZ, the National Museum of Korea, the Namsan (Seoul) Tower, the Gyenongbukdong palace, the Haneul Park, the cultural village in Suwon and as I travel with my 17-year old daughter there will be a lot of shopping. At the Embassy they adviced me that the area were we stay - Hongik Univ. - is one of the best shopping areas for young people. They also recommended the following areas: Sinchon, Gangnam, Myenong-dong and Seoul Station.

We will stay at NAMU guesthouse from January 30th to February 2nd and at LEE&NO guesthouse from February 3rd to February 5th. We thought that the Lee & No Guesthouse looked more cozy, but there was no twin room available until February 3rd. Both guesthouses have the same owner.

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toveb sa...

Åh, det låter otroligt spännande! Ta många bilder! :-)

Marie sa...

Du har planerat bra tycker jag! Det ska bli jättespännande att få höra om resan.

Marias garnhändelser sa...

Det låter ju hur spännande som helst, du skall inte tro att jag är avis...längtar redan tills du kommer hem & berättar allt:-)

Susilull sa...

Så häftigt och spännande allt låter!!